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Valley of Chrome is a Metalcore Band in Laguna, Philippines.


The first iteration of the band was formed in Los Baños, Laguna in 2000, under the name Batch 98. They would then rename themselves as Valley of Chrome, the name taken from a song title by Cypress Hill (Valley of Chrome, Skull and Bones album). Another source states that their acronym, VoC, is so chosen to be similar to VoD, or Vision of Disorder.The band released three EP albums in their early years (Transparent, Beyond Definition, and Anthems for the Sell-Out Youth) before being signed in 2004 to Viva Records. They came out with Love and Devotion at that point, and toured with label mates Chicosci and Typecast to promote their album. However, by 2007, they returned to Tower of Doom Records, who had helped them record Anthems of the Sell-Out Youth (2007). They then participated in the 2007 and 2008 Siege Tours, and coming out with the Valley of Chrome album Never the Lifeless in 2008. The song by Valley of Chrome, Forever Young, would become an informal anthem for the Siege Tour bands.

It would be some time before they would record again  the longest album hiatus in the band’s lifetime. However, the band broke the hiatus with the self-titled Valle of Chrome in 2012. The album is notable for using the Filipino language exclusively for all songs, the product of a writing challenge between Rogel and producer Eric Perlas. This later became a marketing windfall, as it helped the band attract a larger local market.

The latest release is the 2014 EP, Dark Horse. The album has a rerecording of Vengeance Unleashed, from the 2002 Transparent EP album, and a cover of Rumblebelly’s Anino, featuring vocalist Alvin Baes.

Music Styles and Influences[]

The band’s music is considered as metal, with hardcore punk and metalcore elements. They also mix in hard rock and pop influences, in the form of melodic riffs and vocal lines. Influences that have been mentioned in online articles about the band have ranged from In Flames, Atreyu, Shadows Fall, and Killswitch Engage. Not surprisingly, Metallica, Iron Maiden and Guns ‘n’ Roses have also been named as influences, given the more melodic and rock-oriented aspects of their songs.The third album, the eponymous Valley of Chrome, is notable for having all songs use Filipino-language lyrics. According to interviews, this happened due to Rogel being challenged by producer Eric Perlas to come up with a Filipino-language follow-up song to Dagat ng Apoy. Rogel obliged, and proceeded to rewrite all Valley of Chrome lyrics for the album into Filipino.The band is known for excellent live performances, both in terms of musical skill and performance levels from all band members.


Beyond Definition (2001)[]

Transparent (2002)[]

1. Pain and Suffering

2. Vengeance Unleashed

3. Existence

Anthems for the Sell-out Youth (2003)[]

1. Cast No Shadow

2. Empire

3. Weakness

4. Wound

Love and Devotion (2004)[]

1. Conquering Hades

2. Forever Young

3. Girls With The Softest Lips Lash

4. Heroes In A Dying Age

5. Love And Devotion

6. We The Dying

7. When Everything Turns To Dust

8. Waiting For Nothing (The Ultimate Catalyst)

9. Twilight

10. Breaking The Barriers Of Frustration

11. The Art Of Letting Go

Never the Lifeless (2007)[]

1. Kiss of Medusa

2. Snake Eyes

3. Scourging at the Pillar

4. Enter Psyklonus

5. Extinction Agenda

6. Never the Lifeless

7. Dasal (Sa Gitna Ng Panganib)

8. The Night is Ours

9. Hell Within-Hopes Springs Eternal (Damnation in 2 Chapters)

10. Undefeated

Valley of Chrome (2012)[]

1. Pagbangon

2. Agimat

3. Duelo

4. Dagat ng Apoy

5. Pangako

6. Itim

7. Japan

8. Pagliyab

9. Patungo sa Dilim

10. Sa Aking Mga Kamay

11. Sanib

12. Wakas

Dark Horse EP (2014)[]

1. Vengeance Unleashed

2. Cast No Shadow

3. Wound

4. Anino (Featuring Alvin Baes of Rumblebelly)

5. The Plague

6. Dagat ng Apoy (Mecha Remix)

7. Pangako (Mecha Remix)

Other Releases / Compilation Albums:[]

Pulp Summer Slam 3 (2003) Tower of Doom (2006) Colt 45 Lords of the Loud (2011)


Current Members[]

Rogel Africa – vocals

Jordan Constantino – bass

Tatel Marcelino – guitars

Paul Eusebio – drums

Kaloi Cambaliza – guitars

Past Members[]

Jericho - Vocals

Jervee - Guitar

Kimmy Baraoidan - Drums

Jethro Mendoza - Guitar

Voltaire del Rosario - Drums