Snowy Shaw
Snowy Shaw
Musician Info
Born25 July 1968
Gothenburg, Sweden
Years-Active1989 - Present
GenreHeavy metal
black metal
symphonic metal
gothic metal
power metal
punk rock
shock rock
Notable InstrumentsDrums
Associated actsDimmu Borgir
King Diamond
Loud N' Nasty
Mercyful Fate
Dream Evil
Notre Dame
Memento Mori

Tommie Mike Christer Helgesson (otherwise known as Snowy Shaw) was born on 25 July 1968 and is a Swedish heavy metal drummer and guitarist from the port city of Gothenburg, Sweden. He has played in the bands King Diamond, Dream Evil, Mercyful Fate, IllWill, Notre Dame and Memento Mori. Snowy is currently adept at playing the guitar and drums and is a primary songwriter for the band Dream Evil.


With King DiamondEdit

  1. The Eye (1990) – Contrary to belief a drum machine was NOT used on the eye, snowy used drum pads (info taken from a King diamond skype conversation)[1]

With Mercyful FateEdit

  1. In the Shadows and The Bellwitch (1993) (credited)
  2. Time (1994)

With Memento MoriEdit

  1. Rhymes of Lunacy (1993)
  2. Life, Death, and Other Morbid Tales (1994)

With Notre DameEdit

  1. Coming Soon to a Théatre Near you!!! (1998)
  2. Le Théâtre du Vampire (1999)
  3. Nightmare Before Christmas (1999)
  4. Abattoir, Abattoir du Noir (2000)
  5. Coming Soon To A Theatre Near You, The 2nd (2002)
  6. Demi Monde Bizarros (2004)
  7. Creepshow Freakshow Peepshow (2005)

With Dream EvilEdit

  1. Dragonslayer (2002)
  2. Evilized (2003)
  3. Children of the Night (EP, 2003)
  4. The First Chapter (EP, 2004)
  5. The Book of Heavy Metal (2004)
  6. Gold Medal in Metal (2005)

With Loud 'N' NastyEdit

  1. No One Rocks Like You (2007)

Produced by Snowy Shaw

With TherionEdit

  1. Gothic Kabbalah (2007)
  2. Live Gothic (2008)
  3. Sitra Ahra (2010)
  4. Les Fleurs du Mal (2012)
  5. Live in Atlanta Adulruna Rediviva and Beyond (2007)

With Dimmu BorgirEdit

With XXX (pronounced Triple X)Edit

Currently Snowy Shaw works with the band XXX making glitter rock. Their debut album, 'Heaven, Hell or Hollywood' has been recorded, mixed and mastered by Andy La Rocque in the Sonic Train Studios. They have been signed by King Records/Japan. Licensed to Perris Records U.S.A via Snowy Shaw Productions .

With Theatres des VampiresEdit

With Snowy ShawEdit

With Opera DiabolicusEdit

With Mad ArchitectEdit

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