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sister morphine - sister morphine

Sister morphine

sister morphine jasper st. john - guitars, bernard edwards - vocals guitars, kc lynn - drums. raggs holland - bass

sister morphine - sister morphine © 1987 emerald city records

emerald city records of hollywoodEdit 1987

the brothers barbituate...Edit

...this was the twin cities sleaziest and hardest working glam rock band... this was their debut cd recorded @ brian bart's (dareforce) logic studios.

they have played with the likes of wasp, love hate, ratt, nitro, the great kat, ace frehley and spiders & snakes and more... this was the bands 1987 debut and only recording. this recording was achieved in less then 5 days. the vocals are all first take and most of the other instruments as well. the metal years continue... this was a development recording for mercury records (polygram) that fell through... this album was re-issued several times. once in 1991 and again in 1992 for re-release through perris records. it is ONLY available now through this page. cover art photography and art direction by edward przydzial. it is no longer available anywhere but here on (cdbaby) or emerald city records of hollywood.

the band decided to keep it raw and un-polished. the sound and mix quality is excellent considering how fast they recorded this gem. suffers from not all tracks being mixed down for final mastering... this was bernard edwards first vocal recording and first live vocals... totally under-rated for the glam/hard rock genre.

line-up is; kc lynn drums, rags holland bass, jasper st. john guitar and detroit's own bernard edwards (corrupt bassist) on vocals... this album was produced by edward przydzial and executive producer bernard edwards - for emerald city records of hollywood if you like guns and roses, the sea hags, bang tango, love hate, faster pussycat, ratt, kix or motley crue... this is for you.

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