Is a former guitarist of band Queen of Spades.
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He was born on June 5th, 1995 in Slovenia. As 7 years old boy he began playing keyboards. At age of 13 he started with playing drums. From 2009 he is playing guitar


In year 2008 he started his music career with band Eyes of Shadows. They played trash, heavy metal mostly. In that band there were also 5 more members. Jan/singer, Gregor "Gogi"/bass, Primož/guitar, Marko/guitar, Maja/keyboards. In beginning of 2010 Jan and Maja had to leave band so they decided to make end to Eyes of Shadows.


After some weeks of the day when they ended their career as a band Gogi called Luka and asked him if he wants to be in his new band. Luka agreed. After 2 weeks they only had singres. Her name was Sanja. They were still looking for guitarist. So as Sanja told them that her friend is drummer Luka and Gogi decided to make a change in a band. Luka took guitar and left drumsticks to Jani new drummer of band. The band was called Queen of Spades due the funny poker game when Gogi was a bit drunk and said: "this woman on this card is so sexy I would burn my bass to fuck her". After that they decided to be known as Queen of Spades.. Band played mostly power metal and later core. In beginning of 2011 they recorded their first song. A metal-core cover of Lady GaGa's Bad romance which's singer was Sanja's boyfriend Bor who is member of band Red Grass. And then the "black" night came. When they ended with one of their performances they went home. Gogi was there with his motorcycle. Gogi was hit by truck and sent to hospital. He was in coma till next day when he on March 16th died from internal bleeding and head injuries. After that they decided to make end of Queen of Spades.


His drums were Tama drum kit with some adds. Ibanez GRG 250 DX. Ibanez amplifier

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