Dying with a Smile
Dying with a Smile
Album info
ReleaseJuly 31, 2003
ProducerRyan Adkins

Dying with a Smile is the first EP release by American metalcore band Still Remains. It was releasedd on July 31 2003 via Benchmark Records. As label is now defunct, the EP is no longer in print, although it cab be obtained via P2P networks.

The EP is considerably heavier then their other release's, and contains the bands earliest song. Some of these were used on their later albums.

Track Listing Edit

# Track title Length
1. "Dying with a Smile" 3:02
2. "The Task" 4:39
3. "San Juan" 3:52
4. "Change to Fall" 3:47
5. "Tied to a Machine" 3:36

Credits Edit

  • T.J Miller - Vocals
  • Jordan Gilliam - Guitar
  • Steve Schallert - Guitar, Backing Vocals
  • Evan Willey - Bass
  • Cameron MacIntosh - Drums
  • Zach Roth - Keyboards
  • Ryan Adkins - Producer